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  • Number: M5
  • Time: 2016-04-01
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M5 is a multifunctional micro assembly machine, better than 5μm 3σ alignment accuracy.
It can be integrated with Eutectic Die Bonding Module, Bonding Force Module,
Dispenser Module,UV Curing Module, Process Observing Module, Ultrasonic Bonding Module
to reach different customers’ requirement.
It is mainly used for assembly medical CT Detector, Fiber-optic communication VCSEL/PD/LENS,
LD Bar,RFID and  MEMS/MOEMS Sensor field etc
Placement Accuracy:±2.5μm 3σ
Working Area:X: 340mm;  Y:150mm; Z:20mm
Bonding Force:0.1N~200N
Heating Temperature:25℃~400℃
Component Size: 0.1mm~40mm
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