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  • Name: SN-200 Aut...
  • Number: SN-200
  • Time: 2015-12-12
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1.In the SMT industry, the suction nozzle is easlily attached with tin and flux during IC mounting process,
  which will lead to machine malfunction. 
2. With the newest cleaning way, this auto suction nozzle cleaning machine completely clears the dirts on
  the nozzles without damage
●Applicable Fluid: clean compressed air, pressure range 0.5MP~6.5MP
●cleaning fluid: Industrial deionized water, with comsumption of 200CC/H
●Cleaned object: mounting nozzle, applicable on SONY,FUJI,YAMAHA,SIMENS,PANASONIC,JUKI.
●Quantity: able to clean 12 pcs, 2pcs each time.
●Machine dimension: 460×360×406MM
●Power supply: 220V 50HZ
●Total Power : <50W
●Weight:  35KG
●Operation: PLC control, touch screen interface, easy to operate.
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