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        • Name: Lead Free Solder Ball
        • Number: Lead Free Solder Ball
        • Time: 2015-12-15

        Reballing Tools and Accessories:
        1. Hot air gun and Soldering Iron - 8586
        Or using Constant Temp Preheater replace Hot air gun.Heating is more evenly
        Function:clean the remaining BGA ball
        2. Reballing Kits - BK98A,BK98D
        Function:Fixed stencil and BGA chip
        3. Stencil – suit for BGA package type
        4. Brush
        5. Lead/Lead free solder ball – 0.25mm ~ 0.76mm 
        6. Solder Paste - 218,559
        7. Alcohol
        8. High Temp Tape / High Temp Cloth

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