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        • Name: XS-550 Automatic Screw-driving Machine
        • Number: XS-550
        • Time: 2015-12-12

        1. High efficiency up to 1s/pcs, low failure rate, only 0.3% .

        2. Adjustable torque from Japan can decrease defective rate at the most and perform reliably.

        3. With intelligent detection system.(Alarm ring(display alarm)with loosen screw , missing screw and lost screw etc.

        4. The standard universal Jig adapt to for most screw type;

        5. Excellent commonality, range from M1.4 screw to M3.0 screw ;

        6. Front and rear movable platform (Put in the front station and take the rear) is more suitable for online operation.

        7. NG protective structure can protect the product not being crashed under abnormal conditions;

        8. Excellent motion control match with stable performance apparatus, it can ensure operation process accuracy and stability;

        9. Teaching mode programming , simple and reliably ,quick to start.

        10. Double torque electric screwdriver, double platform, double efficiency. and it can lock 2 different kinds screw .

        Supply Power: AC 220V 50/60Hz

        Air Pressure Supply:0.4~0.8Mpa

        Drive Mode: 5 Axis Stepper Motor + Timing Belt

        Working Efficiency: MAX 1pc/s

        Working area X/Y/Z(mm): X350mm,Y300mm,Z50mm

        Max Speed: X 400mm/s ,Y 400mm/s,Z 300mm/s

        Repeat accuracy:+/-0.02mm

        Operation System: PLC + Touch Screen

        Programming mode:Teaching pendant

        Program recording mode: 1000 set,40000 points

        COM: USB


        Weight: Approx 60kg

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