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        • Name: TW-200 Through Hole Rework Station
        • Number: TW-200
        • Time: 2015-12-12

        1.Carry on selective light wave soldering to the partial through-hole device; able to rework fastenings,
           Big heat capacity components socket and multi-basepin components;
        2.Able to remove wide range of devices up to 180mm in length;
        3.Double laser instructions, simple and practicable;
        4.Temperature and motor speed are closed-loop controlled by the PLC; with fast temperature setting,
           temperature is continuously adjustable between upper limit and lower limit.
        5.Easy and efficient to remove components, PCB and componnets heated evenly;
        6.Simply and safe to operate, easy to maintain, nozzle easy to replace;
        7.Foot switch controls the wave soldering starting, tin-spraying height is continuously adjustable;
        8.Little dross, save tin solder
        Max. component size:180mm

        PCB thickness:0.8-5mm,maximum 10mm

        Workable PCB size:450mm×500mm

        PCB stents lifting height:30mm

        Tin pump running adjustable time:1-900sec.

        Temperature Precision:±2℃

        Heating temperature:260-350℃

        Input Voltage:220V


        Boundary dimension:460*460*360mm

        Gross weight:25kgs

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