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        • Name: RW-E6250U Full-auto Optical BGA Rework Station
        • Number: RW-E6250U
        • Time: 2015-12-12

        1.Hot air heater head and mounting head are designed 2 in 1 ,with auto pick-up ,auto solder ,
           auto desolder and auto placement function .(Patent :ZL200720127185.8) Embeded with
           industrial computer system,PLC control,realtime profile display,can analyze the five practically
           -tested profiles and compare with the history profiles.
        2.Profile analysis,setting and amendment can be carried out at any time while heating,mass memory
           for temperature parameters and heating alignment parameter saving.
        3.Megapixel HD color optical camera system with functions of split vision,zoom in/out and micro-adjust,
          equipped with aberration detection device;with auto focus and software operation function,controlled
          by joystick.
        4.Be provided with software functions ,including "IC hold",profile suspending or time-lapse,screen lock
          etc.which makes the opertion more human-friendly.
        5.Both upper and bottom hot gas heating head are movable on the IR preheating area to fit for reworking
           BGA in different position on PCB (Patent No. ZL200720150364.3)Bottom heater is mixed heating system
           with hot gas and IR;Leave nitrogen port;finish the BGA rework process under the nitrogen protection,have
           special function for saving nitrogen to save cost. (Patent No. ZL200920001515.8)Buit-in vacuum pump;360°
           rotation in any angle by motor;Suction nozzle can identify material and mounting height automatically,and
           can control the air pressure within a small range.
        6.With function of over-heating protection and air lost protection;Upper heater is of anti-collision and anti-press
        7.Large IR area heater from the bottom will heat the PCB evenly to avoid deformation and keep soldering effect
          ;heating board is independently controlled;suitable for any kind of BGA package,including CCGA,BGA,QFN,CSP,
          LGA,Mirco SMD,MLF(mirco lead frames).
        PCB Size:W20*D20- W450*D400mm
        PCB thickness:0.5~4mm
        Applicable BGA: 1*1~80*80mm
         Working table adjustment:±10mm forward/backward,±10mm left/right
         Temperature control:K-type thermocouple.close cycle controlled
         PCB loading way:Jig
         Placement precision:±0.01mm
         Min pitch of BGA ball:0.15mm
         Bottom IR preheat:3600W
         Top heater:Hot gas,1000W
         Bottom heater:Hot gas,1000W
         Max BGA weight:300g
         Power supply:Single-phase 220V、50/60Hz
         Machine dimension:L810*W1020 * H1030mm
         Gas source:3~8kgf/c㎡,95L/min

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