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        • Name: BS190 Constant Temperature Preheater
        • Number: BS190
        • Time: 2015-12-12

        1.With special heater, temperature distribution is even on the surface of panel;
        2.Close loop PID control completely , temperture is precision and steady;
        3.Can be used for reflow soldering and preheating of some PCBs, and also for working procedure 
          needing even heating.
        4.Made of quality heating material ,controlling temperature stably
        5.Able to solder BGA chip of different specifications in the same time 
        Heating board dimension:L200×W150mm 
        Temperature range:0℃-400℃
        Environment temperature: -10℃-60℃
        Temperature stability: ±2℃
        Heating board material: AL 
        Heating power: 1000w 
        Machine dimension: L327*W200*H110mm 
        Weight: Approx 5Kg

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