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        Basic principles of BGA rework station

        Writer:KrystalSource:Shuttle Star Number of visits: Date:2016-07-01

        BGA rework station, namely professional tools used in maintenance fault BGA components. Small series to analyse BGA rework station high repair rate of key elements, parsing a rework station, concluded that one of the key technical components.

        Firstly, the international mainstream heating infrared, hot air, and two hot air infrared, which several heating methods has its own advantages. BGA rework station of domestic heating mode for the upper and lower parts of the hot bottom infrared preheating temperature three regions (two temperature preheating of BGA rework station only the upper hot air with the bottom, compared with three temperature zones less). Effect is mainly used when the heating mode, upper and lower the heating head heated with heating element and exporting through air hot air, preheating can be divided into dark red at the bottom and outdoor heaters, infrared heating pad or infrared light heating of the heating plate for PCB Board as a whole.

        Heated: heated with hot air and hot air by using wind up controlling. So that the heat is concentrated on the BGA to prevent damage to components around. And by hot air convection, can effectively reduce the risk of deformation of Board. In fact, this is the equivalent of hot air gun plus a wind up, but BGA rework station to control the temperature can be set according to the temperature curve.

        Bottom heating plate: Preheat function, remove the BGA and PCB internal moisture and can reduce the heating temperature in and around the center point, reduce the risk of deformation of Board.
        Secondly, is the clamping fixture on the PCB Board and lower PCB mounting. This fixed and parts on the PCB Board has played a supporting role to prevent the deformation of Board plays an important role.
        Thirdly, the difference between optical and non-optical equipment, that is displayed on the screen, as well as features such as automatic welding and desoldering.

        Finally,There is a temperature control problem, normally if you just do is heat it is difficult to weld better BGA, heat welded according to the temperature curve is the point. Therefore, it is also using BGA rework station and hot air gun to remove key differences, solder BGA. Now most of the BGA rework station can be repaired directly by setting the temperature, hot air gun can control temperature, but slightly more difficult, because it is difficult to directly observe real-time temperature, so it is sometimes heated and easy BGA burn directly.

        To sum up, our ultimate core of BGA rework successes is about repair of temperature and deformation of Board problems, this is the critical technology.

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