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        Writer:LillySource:Shuttle Star Number of visits: Date:2015-12-22
        BGA Chip:
        First, we should know the meaning of BGA (Ball Grid Array Package);
        We can find different BGA Chip on the motherboard, such as laptop, Xbox360,
        PS3, PS4,Mobile Phone,STB, Server, Industrial Control Board ,Webcam, Router, etc
                                                                 (For Example Laptop Motherboard)
                                                                       ( Backside of BGA chip )
        At the backside of BGA chip, we can find lots of BGA ball, what’s his role?
        BGA ball: as a connector between motherboard and BGA chip. if the ball broken, his chip cannot work.
                                        (Bad BGA Chip)                                                                 (Good BGA Chip)
        How to repair these bad BGA ball?
        – heating desoldering/soldering, reballing.
        As we know BGA ball have lead and lead free 2 kinds, and their size is very very small, range from 0.25mm to 0.76mm ,the pitch of bga ball is very very small too.
        The biggest problem is BGA ball invisible, when you do soldering steps .
        Repair steps:
        1)      Separate the BGA chip from mother board –we called desoldering
        2)      Clean motherboard and backside of BGA chip
        3)      Reballing – I will introduce this important step at the end of this article
        4)      Alignment – Optical alignment or Non-optical
        5)      Soldering
        Heating Temperature:
        Tips: when desoldering/soldering motherboard, heating temperature is very important.
        We must make sure that every corner temperature difference will not over 2℃.
        If temperature is too high ,componenteasily damaged or motherboard deformation
        If temperature too low, this will cause PCB pad missing or the other question.
        So monitor temperature curve is very important  - real-time temp curve can help you know temp change;
                                                                              (Real-time Temp Profile)
        Heating Unit: independent 3 temperature zone and Anti-deformation unit
                                                                          (Independent 3 temperature Zone)
                                                                            (Motherboard Anti-deformation Unit)
        Upper hot air heater heating BGA chip
        Bottom hot air heat zone heating BGA chip
        Bottom preheat zone can make the motherboard temperature more evenly
        With auto protection function while heating abnormally, heating time and temperature can be displayed digitally on touch screen interface.


                            (Alignment)                                           (Placement)                                    (Soldering)
        Because invisible, so we need a device to tell us,the pad on the motherboard is catched the solder ball on the BGA chip.
                                                            (Alignment -Prism Refraction Principle.)
        When PCB pad catched the bga ball . the LCD display will tell you ok to do soldering step
        Why choose Brand Shuttle Star?
        1) Shuttle Star founded in 2000,the oldest brand of BGA rework station
        His experience ,his quality ,reliable is No. 1 in this field;
        2) Temperature precision control;
        3) HDMI digital imaging technology,we are the only one in Mainland;more clear more
        precision placement/mounting;
        4) Brand customer,they choose shuttle star,believe is our honon,and we hope you can believe us at any time

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