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        Shuttle Star History

        Writer:Shuttle StarSource:Shuttle Star Number of visits: Date:2015-12-22
        2000.9.23, Shenzhen Shuttle Star Industrial Co., Ltd founded in Shenzhen,
        registered fund 3,000,000RMB. BGA rework station as the main business;
        2001, The first homemade BGA rework station borned in Shuttle Star,Breaked the
        dependence on imports ;
        2002, Shuttle Star become the first one succeed in bottom independent heating and real-time
        temperature monitor in China;
        2003,The first manual operation optical alignment BGA rework station was borned
        in Shuttle Star in China;
        2004,Shuttle Star continuous innovation, the first independent 3 temperature zone
        BGA rework station has came true in China;
        2005,Product comprehensive upgrade, mark that the company stand on a new stage;
        2006,Open new overseas market;
        2007.7,Shuttle Star past ISO9001:2000;
        2008,Setup Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan Office;
        2008.5.14, Shuttle Star acquired SIPO Utility Model Patent Certificate of “Heating Apparatus”,
        Patent No.:ZL 2007 3 0147086.1;
        2008.5.28,Shuttle Star acquiredSIPO Utility Model Patent Certificate of “Integrated Circuit Module of Absorbing Device”,
        Patent No. ZL 2007 2 0127185.8;
        2008.5.21,Shuttle Star acquired SIPO Design Patent Certificate “BGA Rework Station”,
        Patent No.:ZL 2007 3 0147086.1;
        2009.10,It is honor to receive invitation from "Professional committee of guangdong electronic institute of
        surface-mount technology" and become its member;
        2009.14,Registered brand“效时(XiaoShi)”and“SHUTTLE STAR”(awarded by General Administration for
        Industry and Commerce);
        2009-2010, RW-E6250 BGA rework stationacquired“SMT Business Management Innovation Prize”
        from Guangdongelectronic society.its fame and influence in the industry enhanced;
        2010.4.21, acquiredSIPO Utility Model Patent Certificate of“Cooling and Heating designed 2 in 1”,
        Patent No.:ZL2009 l 0162612.5;
        2012.9.5,acquired  SIPO Utility Model Patent Certificate of“Hot air heater head and mounting head are
        design 2 in 1”,Patent No.:ZL 2009 l 0238919.3;
        2012.9.10,acquired certificate of “New High-tech Enterprise”.

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