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        Shuttle Star 16 Anniversary Celebration

        Writer:Shuttle StarSource:Shuttle Star Number of visits: Date:2015-09-05
        Happy Birthday to Shuttle Star ,
        Happy Birthday to Shuttle Star ,
        Happy Birthday to Shuttle Star ,
        Happy Birthday to Shuttle Star !
        From the first China made BGA rework station was born to  2015,we go through 16 years , from doubt to trust ,from import to export,from groping to innovation,from 0 to 100, Shuttle Star get lots of experience and support from customer ,such as Huawei ,Skyworth,Bosch,Lenovo,Ge ect ,we never change but always changed . 
        We provide newest technogy ,it's always change,
        We provide best service,it never change .
        We want to share our honor with all people that give lost of support and trust to Shuttle Star and we want to say "Thank you ".
        So in order to thank for more old and new friends ,Shuttle Star release anniversary celebration ,including cash game,red envelope, vouchers and commemorative t-shirt .
        We hope that through this activity , more new and old customers can have interested in our high quality products and quality services . 

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