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LED production process

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LED process:

LED lamp bead, the whole production process, divided into epitaxial wafer production, chip production, light bead encapsulation, the whole process embodies the modern electronics industry manufacturing technology level, the manufacture of the LED is collect a variety of technology integration, is a high technology content products, grasp of LED lighting purpose also needs to know how the LED lamp bead is produced.


1.LED epitaxial wafer production process:

LED growth of epitaxial wafer technology mainly USES organic metal chemical deposition (MOCVD) method with the semiconductor properties of composite materials, are the raw materials of LED chips; 


2.The LED chip production process:

LED chip is using the epitaxial wafer manufacturing, is to provide the LED lamp bead encapsulation device, is the key to the quality of LED lamp bead; The LED chip production process;


3.LED lamp bead production process:

LED lamp bead encapsulation is according to the requirements of the LED lamp bead purposes, the chip packages in the corresponding scaffold to complete manufacturing process of LED lights, LED encapsulation decision LED lamp bead ratio, is key to the quality of the products of LED lamps and lanterns; 
4.Leds are the SMT process, use of solder paste and reflow soldering process:
The widespread use of leds, lamp plate lamp bead to smaller and smaller, so repair should be how to implement?  When industrial LED lights have reached 0505 can repair the lamp bead bead repair, and to receive many customers.
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