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Hand in hand with Skyworth - A leader of intelligent household appliances

Writer:Shuttle StarSource:Shuttle Star Date:2015年9月21日 13:32
As a leader of intelligent household appliances -Skyworth (RGB electronic co., LTD) . Their after-sale service team
come to Shuttle Star company to accept training of BGA rework station operation and process . 
This training opened the prelude of cooperation .
Why Shuttle Star can get this chance ?
Not only Shuttle Star is the first company to do BGA rework station in mainland ,but also we have advanced technical level,
the rapid reaction ability, perfect technology and  high cost performance ,100% success rate,so we can get their acceptance and approval .
Shuttle Star will still adhere to the philosophy,Science and technology guarantee quality, service perfect product .
so that we can get more and more chance to work with high-end brand company .

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