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                           (Business)                                                              (Scope)
      Sell BGA Rework Equipments             BGA maintenance for electronic products
      Technical training for BGA rework             Sell SMT electronic tools
      Customize non-standard electronic equipments       Sell relevant spares and accessory material


is a professional manufacturer engaging in electronic equipment design, production, sale and service. Founded in September 2000, with the BGA rework station in the field of professional standards and mature technology, the rapid rise in the field of electronic devices.In the full introduction of foreign advanced technology on the basis, we have successfully developed a small pitch LED-0505 lamp beads rework, BGA rework station, heat welding, ultra-precise placement, non-standard automation, automatic soldering, X-ray detection products, and it has been mass production to the market, such as the United States and has been GE, Huawei Germany Bosch and many other Fortune 500 companies approval and recognition. Companies in the development process, and continue to cooperate with many domestic research institutes and colleges and universities communicate, design and production, maintenance, debugging and engineered capability to rapidly increase, expanding, in order to satisfy our customers, the company in Beijing, Suzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and other major cities to establish an office to establish a professional pre-service and improve after-sales service network!


Our company on the way forward, passed the ISO9001, ISO2008, CE, FDA a series of international certification, with more than 20 employees of independent intellectual property rights and patents, won 6 years won the title of national high-tech enterprise. Expanding the product line, covering the high, medium and low, and can be tailored to particular requirements, the products sell well all over the world, with good price and good service, has won recognition and trust of customers.


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